Leather range

Leather range


A complete range from 6 to 30mm with 20 colors in standard sizes, extralong and/or open ends. Recommended Retail Price ranging from 12 to 24 €.


This 100% trendy line gathers our fashion watchbracelets, our D’Click as well as “adaptable” and “VEGAN” ranges.

By offering around 15 different models with a wide choice of sizes and colors to suit all your needs. Recommended Retail Price ranging from 24 to 39 €.


This range specially designed for a « SPORT » look offers a wide selection of shapes, sizes and colors especially made for sports watches and chronographs.

Available from 18 to 30mm in several different finishes, our Sport range allows you to customize  your watch as per your wish. Recommended Retail Price ranging from 34 to 47 €.


It is the fine art of our know-how, the most handcrafted production for which each necessary task is performed by hand. The cutting, trimming, assembly, grooving and stitching….. A  total of almost 40 operations are carried out by the expert hands of master leather stitchers to make a luxury strap. Sometimes more than 60 operations are made one after another by passionate and demanding master craftsmen .